5 Powerful Habits To Build Unshakeable Confidence – Aliénor Hunter (Ultraspeaking)

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🎙 About The Episode

We’ve all been to parties where we meet people at the centre of the room, oozing charisma and confidence, and we think they must be born with it. But I’m beginning to discover that social confidence can be practice and learned – it’s not just something you have or you don’t. Today’s guest has a personal story that illustrates this really well. Aliénor Hunter is a professional public speaking coach with Ultraspeaking, a company that helps people speak confidently, spontaneously and conversationally in 30 days. But – she used to be too nervous to even phone the hairdressers or speak to cashiers at the grocery store. In this episode, we’re going to talk through Aliénor’s journey, and give you some clear, effective, and actionable steps to improve your confidence and to feel less anxious in social situations, when you’re giving a work presentation or meeting someone for the first time. If we have the tools to manage our social anxiety we’ll also be better at putting ourselves out there and looking for opportunities that might change the course of our lives. We’re going to talk about public speaking, and even play a few of Ultraspeaking’s confidence building games, so you can see that there’s a path towards getting the most out of life through levelling up your mindset.

Season 7 Episode 10


Aliénor’s backstory

The difference between social anxiety and shyness

Is shyness bad?

Aliénor’s journey to becoming confident

Breaking down limiting beliefs

The unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves

The impact of ultraspeaking

Change your perspective on speaking

The importance of conviction

How Aliénor became a speaking coach

Habit One: Musicality

Habit Two: One thing

Habit Three: Recovery

Habit Four: Silence

Habit Five: Self-talk

How to start a conversation

Getting over the fear of judgement

Boosting your self-esteem

Finding joy in speaking

Ultraspeaking games

Final words of wisdom

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