Leading Psychologist: How To Finally Overcome Stress & Anxiety – Dr Julie Smith

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🎙 About The Episode

Have you ever struggled with stress and anxiety? Maybe you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work or school, or things have been difficult at home and you’re having a hard time. You might find yourself overthinking for hours, or panicking, or struggling to sleep, which only makes you feel worse. Or, maybe a friend or a loved one is struggling with their mental health and you’re not sure how to help. In this episode of, I speak to Dr Julie Smith, a psychologist with 4.6 million followers on TikTok who shares brilliant mental health advice. Her book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’ is a Sunday Times Bestseller and is full of simple, actionable insights to help you take control of your wellbeing. While Dr Julie’s expertise cover a whole range of topics, in this conversation we focus on how to manage stress and anxiety, overthinking, and burnout. Enjoy 🙂

Season 7 Episode 3


How do you feel about the success of your book?

Being of service to others vs. chasing the achievement accolade

What do people say about the book?

How does the book help people?

What is the feelings wheel?

The balance between feelings and facts

What’s a physiological sigh?

Can you manage/control other people’s emotions?

Should you go to bed angry?

Do you have any relationship rituals?

What is overthinking and how do we manage it?

What’s a “distancing language?”

Challenging your thoughts

To what extent does challenging thoughts in court help with mental health problems?

What’s positive thinking?

What is personalising?

What is a mental filter?

The difference between stress and anxiety

The love-hate relationship with stress

How do you balance the demanding job of a successful content creator with other aspects of life?

How do you detach yourself from numbers as a measure of success?

What is self-soothing?

The 3 types of burnout

Are you asking yourself what values are most important to you?

The ideal day and week

When you study or work for a long period of time, what are the best ways to take care of your mental health?

Treating work like a marathon – keeping it sustainable

Having rules that force balance onto your life

How to approach a person with mental health issues in a tactful way?

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