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🎙 About The Episode

In this episode of Deep Dive I sit down to talk with Noah Kagan, the author, entrepreneur and YouTuber who built AppSumo, a multimillion dollar software company. He has just released his new book, The Million Dollar Weekend, which is all about how you can instantly start a business which could change your life. We talk about some of the barriers which keep people from getting started with entrepreneurship and how you can overcome them, so that you can unlock your full potential. Noah is full of really great insight and advice from his years of experience in the business, tech and marketing world. This was a really fun and chill conversation – enjoy x

Season 8 Episode 1


Who is Noah?

The Million Dollar Weekend

Getting over the fear of selling

The fear of starting and becoming an entrepreneur

The law of 100

The ‘now not how’ mindset

Will becoming rich really change your life?

Thinking in experiments

Noah’s new book

Becoming a father

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