You’re Not Lazy: How To Make Discipline Easy – Ryan Holiday

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🎙 About The Episode

Are you wondering about your purpose? Perhaps you have big dreams but you’re not sure how to achieve them, or you’re struggling to find time for your true passions amid a busy life and lots of responsibilities. Ryan Holiday is a philosopher who has built a career writing bestselling books – and now he spends his time doing what he loves, writing and raising his kids. In this eclectic conversation we talk about the importance of focusing on the journey, finding joy in hard work, and the productivity hacks that will help you unlock your true creative potential. I loved this conversation with Ryan – I hope you enjoy!

Season 7 Episode 12


The process of writing a book

Ryan’s daily schedule

How having children changes your work

Are numbers in our control?

Focusing on the process

Obsessing over productivity

The importance of doing the thing

Can you really find joy in hard work?

What motivates Ryan to write?

Balancing fatherhood and ambition

Ryan’s growth as a parent

Relationship advice

Fitness advice

How to manage your ego

The truth about publishing a book

Talking about the same ideas

Passive income

The power of taking risks

Productivity habits for the new year

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