Why You’ve Not Met Your Person – Matthew Hussey

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๐ŸŽ™ About The Episode

Matthew Hussey is one of the world’s leading dating experts and a New York Times Bestselling author who has helped over 10 million people get the love life of their dreams. In this interview turned coaching session we delve into his latest book “Love Life” and explore the challenges of finding love, handling other peopleโ€™s emotional responses and the importance of setting boundaries. Enjoy!

00:00 Intro

1:15 Welcome, Matthew

4:05 Do men and women have the same challenges when looking for love?

10:15 Can you choose who to be attracted to?

17:06 โ€œLife mountainsโ€

26:35 Question your instincts

30:20 Masculine vs feminine energy

37:40 Boundaries

46:00 Parents vs partner

1:00:17 Duty and obligation to parents

1:11:40 Putting my needs first

1:23:30 Being responsible for someone elseโ€™s feelings

1:28:00 About finding love

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