Finding Your Vision, Mission and Why – Krissy Cela

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🎙 About The Episode

“There’s one of you in this world, you’re in this world for a very short period of time, do something magical with it.” – Krissy Cela

In this weeks episode of Deep Dive Ali sits down for a chat with Krissy Cela. Krissy first started posting fitness videos on Instagram and YouTube in 2017 while studying for a law degree. Fast forward 4 years and Krissy has built a health and fitness empire with the mission to empower women across the world.

Krissy is co-founder of the Tone and Sculpt app, fitness clothing brand Oner Active and an internationally respected personal trainer. In the conversation Ali and Krissy have a very honest conversation about the foundations of leading multi-million dollar brands, how to find your why and her book ‘Do this for you’.

✨ Words of Wisdom

“There’s so many entrepreneurs, CEOs leaders that come across like they’ve got their shit together…the truth is everyone is different, there’s no handbook for being a leader” – Krissy Cela [4:14]

“A brand is built around your mission and vision you should always be the driving force of that vision and mission” – Krissy Cela [15:03]

“There’s a huge problem in the world where women lack confidence and I perceive that as a problem – Krissy Cela” [15:24

“Your health is the key to any form of success…if you are not mentally and physical ok it will transpire into every aspect of your life” – Krissy Cela [18:19]

“If you automatically doubt what you want to do or you want to put fear as your main driving emotion to what you’re doing you’re setting yourself up to fail” Krissy Cela [33:12]

“Don’t make it profit driven, make it vision driven” – Krissy Cela [01:34:15]

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