Deep Dive #24 James Schramko on Working Less, Making More and Other Key Business Insights

Deep Dive #24 James Schramko on Working Less, Making More and Other Key Business Insights

James Schramko is a writer, podcaster and business coach with years of experience in marketing, coaching and growing a business while working less.

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He is the author of 'Work Less, Make More' and hosts the successful podcast SuperFastBusiness. In our conversation, we discuss how to build a successful business whilst working less and the lessons he's learnt from almost two decades of marketing and coaching online.

Here are some of the highlights from our discussion:

Of all the things that you’re doing, most of them are useless. If you realise that 2/3 of everything that you are creating is coming from 4% of what’s on your plate, you’ll realise that you can safely throw away most of the balls that you are juggling and you'll end up with just one or two balls to juggle.

Regularly reviewing key business statistics is important. It's easier to correct course the more regularly you check the information about your business. Bad habits, such as complacency, are bred in good times and therefore regularly reviewing performance is important so that if the trend lines drop, you have got the data and experience to identify what might be causing that slowing of growth.

One of the most precarious things to be is tied solely to one big income that could be turned off. Many people will blame someone else but ultimately, it's a choice.

Marketing is simply a way of letting people know that you are there. The old-fashioned idea of marketing was going to the place where the buyers were at the market. That is essentially what marketing still is. The better the marketing, the easier the selling. It’s about creating an environment that helps that prospect see that they would be better off.

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"We need to stop this automatic programming that more is better"
“If you can dial up the responsibility, all you really need is a mirror”.
“If you don’t set your own coordinates, you’ll fall into someone else’s coordinates”
"In the copy writing world they would want you to promise the world. I'm more conservative – I don't use hype in my marketing. I’d rather talk about who is a good fit and how I can help them and I'd rather not make as many sales and get more people who are really happy with their results"

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